Tips for tourists

© Sabine Joosten 
© CAS / Sabine Joosten

As a tourist, you can also help us in our fight to end bullfighting. A few tips:

•    Never go to a bullfight or a cruel patronal event, not even once. If you go to these events, your money and presence support the bullfighting industry. Ask other people to follow your example
•    Do not buy any bullfighting souvenirs
•    Let shop keepers know (in a polite manner) why you don't want to buy bullfighting souvenirs. You can use our Spanish, French or Portuguese letter.
•    Do not eat or drink in bars and restaurants that promote bullfighting.
•    Send polite letters to media and (travel) organizations that promote bull suffering. Please inform us about it.
•    Ask the host of your travel organization to not promote bullfighting. If he/she indeed promotes bullfighting, please contact us, so we can address the issue ourselves.
•    Please check our website on a regular basis, for protest campaigns and the latest news.

ATTENTION! Some people are persuaded by local inhabitants of the bullfighting countries to attend a bullfight. These people sometimes tell you that it is a 'training match' or that the bull is not going to be killed. Once in the bullring, it turns out that the bull is indeed killed, just like during 'regular' bullfights.